What we want to give to the people and how we will do it

We give to the people the power to be instantly everywhere, because we believe that exploration is freedom and life is interaction.
We do this with modern mobile technologies, converting into Avatars people willing to help others escalate their full potential.
We believe that humans are far better than any robot and good will is more powerful than computers.
We give an easy and honest job opportunity to anybody, anywhere.
We help people overcome their physical limitations to see and experiment any place, any culture, any interaction; making mankind better and each individual a better human.


  • In a capital city with no airplane
  • In a museum with no queue
  • In a different culture with no contrast
  • In another place now ...


Decide a place where you want to be and find people there that want to be your Avatar. Choose the best one for your wishes , reading the ratings of other usars and his/her presentation. Start the connection and let him/her be your body in another place. Control your Avatar and explore like you are there. Look, walk, examine, talk, touch, BE.


All that you could do with your own body. As long as the Avatar is Ok with it, you can move him/her around, pick things with the hands and examine them, look around, talk to people, enter any place, open and close doors, ride escalators and elevators, run, swim, activate things, use devices and any other action you can think of. You can have a male or female body, a young or mature one, a fast or a powerful structure.


You can be an Avatar and offer your physical presence to people that can hire you from home/office. It is an easy and funny way to earn money by just walking around with your smartphone doing things for people that are physically elsewhere. You are under no obligation to do things you do not feel comfortable doing. You can create your profile and tell to prospecting customers what you offer and what you can or cannot do. Become your own boss with only your smartphone and yourself. A fair and easy opportunity for everybody



An "Avatar" is a person that offers his/her physical presence for hire. An "Usar" from home/office can pay to take control of an Avatar and direct him/her wherever wanted, to do any kind of things (as long as the Avatar is OK with it).
The Usar sees and hears everything, so that it is like being physically there.

Explore everywhere

An Avatar is a person, not a robot, so he/she can go wherever a human being can go, open doors, use escalators, walk in the traffic, take things and activate devices. You can explore with your Avatar and direct easily with high-level commands that only a person can understand.

Cloud community

The link between a home/office Usar and an Avatar on the field is the Cloud, so an Avatar can go wherever there is an Internet connection. The Usar from home/office can see and hear everything, as if he/she is there.

Get payments

An Avatar can offer his/her work for any price. Since it is a paid service, there is more efficiency and diversified offers. Any Avatar strives to offer the best possible service and the most interesting experiences.

Just a smartphone

To be an Avatar you need just yourself and your smartphone. No other expenses. Any smartphone can send audio/video to the Usar at home/office and back, so that he/she feels like to be there and can talk to anybody the Avatar encounters.

Operate remotely

An Avatar can operate machines, take objects and examine or act on them. You can inspect or visit any facility and any equipment wherever in the world . It is possible to issue high-level commands that save costly business trips.

Shop remotely

If you see something interesting your Avatar can buy it for you, even if the shop has no e-commerce.

True teleporting

You can be wherever in the world instantly. The teleportation is available now.
Beam me there!


Explore the gallery of videos of past explorations From San Francisco to Los Angeles, Venice, Paris, Rome, Hong Kong and other exciting places. See what Usars looked at and how Avatars brought them there.


See how easy it is to instantly be everywhere and how fun it is to be an avatar.