In a capital city with no airplane, in a museum with no queue, 
in a different culture with no contrast, 
in another place now …

Have you ever imagine to be somewhere else in just a second?

Let someone else be your eyes, following your commands

avatar-usar mobile

What is Ubiatar


The Power of Ubiquity

With a normal smartphone or computer two persons can connect each other through our app.

The Avatar, who offers his telepresence, starts a video live stream with a Usar. The Usar, through our graphical interface(GUI) in turn can direct the Avatar so that he/she acts as his/her remote body.

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Be Usar

Decide a place where you want to be and find people there that want to be your Avatar.
Choose the best one for your wishes, reading the ratings of other usars and his/her presentation.
Start the connection and let him/her be your body in another place.
Control your Avatar and explore like you are there. Look, walk, examine, talk, touch, BE.

man skyline

What you need



You can use your smartphone, tablet or your pc.


Ubiatar App

Download our Web app to search your avatar and to connect with him/her.

Be Avatar

Everyone in the world can be an Avatar and offers his/her physical presence .

It’s easy and it’s a funny way to work together. Ubiatar allows avatars to enhance their own cultures, nationalities, life-styles and jobs.


What you need



You can use any device with a camera able to run our app, with Android or iOS.


Ubiatar App

Download our app from Google Play or Apple Store.



Use our stick to stabilize your video experience. It is an open hardware project, so you can buy it or craft it if you prefer.


What we want to give to the people and how we will do it

We give to the people the power to be instantly everywhere, because we believe that exploration is freedom and life is interaction.
We do this with modern mobile technologies, converting into Avatars people willing to help others escalate their full potential.
We believe that humans are far better than any robot and good will is more powerful than computers.
We give an easy and honest job opportunity to anybody, anywhere.
We help people overcome their physical limitations to see and experiment any place, any culture, any interaction; making mankind better and each individual a better human.