Colosseum in Rome

You can see the giant monument at the end of the Imperial Fora avenue, in the heart of the Eternal City. While your Avatar approaches the gardens at the base of the Colosseum you shiver with [...]

Las Vegas – Paris

A day in Paris, with Ubiatar it is possible in Las Vegas too. It is a different kind of Paris trip, this one in the giant hotel-casino resort in Nevada. With Ubiatar you do not need to be in [...]

Monterey aquarium

The Monterey bay is a fascinating sea place south of San Francisco. The aquarium is a colorful museum where you can see many creatures into their environments and interact with some of them. It [...]

A day in San Francisco

While crossing the Golden Gate bridge a sudden thought: “how many people in the world have see the bay waters from the center of the Golden Gate?” “how many of them would like [...]