ubiatar industrial application

Let skills travel, not bodies.

The ubiatar telepresence technology can be of immense help in reducing costs for industrial activities.

In the specific field of industrial assistance, that covers fixing of any industrial apparatus, installations, startup phase, teaching to local technicians and so on, letting skills travel while bodies stay at the main office is a massive saving on costs.

As is shown in the video, very often a high-skilled technician has to leave the main office, travel for medium to long distances, stay into hotels and have meals in the remote place where his expertise is requested.
If a local less-skilled technician could be used instead, a massive saving would be possible.
With ubiatar technology, as is shown in the video, the high-level technician can stay at the main office and just be remotely present on the local site, directing the lower-skilled technician and seeing and hearing everything that is needed to solve the problem.

The two technicians could even not speak the same language, thanks to the ubiatar icons that clearly convey commands to the remote operator. The patented technology not only shows what to do directly on the local video, but also WHRE to do it in the broadcasted scene.
As is seen in this video, this is of the utmost importance when there are very complex control panels with lots of buttons: with ubiatar it is possible to pinpoint the exact button to click, without error-prone verbal or written directions.

Just imagine the saving of high-level technician time: for an hour intervention he can actually work for just one hour, not three days of: travel, stay and travel back. So instead of one paid intervention in three days, he could deliver eight paid interventions in one day!


Let skills travel, not bodies.

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