Be everywhere, or tour everywhere

This morning I woke up with one of those acute feelings of nostalgia for a place.

I was remembering the time I spent in Finland when I was a student. I particularly thought about that square in Turku where there was the smoked fish market.


I was wondering how the place looks now after so many years, how the city ‘feels’ and if the shops and the harbour have changed a lot.

I am not planning to take an airplane and fly to Finland, I would just be curious to take a look at the streets and squares of the city today.

There are so many other places I would like to visit and do not have the time to travel to…

many cities in India, small fishermen’s wharfs along the coastline of England, lovely ‘villages fleuris’ in the french countryside, old mining towns in northern Nevada  and so on.

Travel the world monument concept

The world is such a large place, with so many marvellous places to see and such a short time to visit even a negligible percentage of them…

Would not it be wonderful to have the option to see these and other places withing the time and money constraints of our life?

I would love to have the power to be instantly anywhere, in places I saw, in places I read about, maybe even in places that could be offered to me with a kind of ‘facebook of places’.

I am sure there are thousands of exciting sites waiting for me, millions of people to watch during their everyday occupations and a ton of shops, pubs, museums, piers, gardens, animals and other things to see.


And I would like not only to walk around freely, but also to open doors, climb stairs, peek things and interact with objects.

All this could go under the new name of ‘teletourism’.

It is one of the applications of the ubiatar technolgy, one of the new powers that could be offered to mankind.


We all know that to meet people, to see their places, would have a strong effect toward the understanding of different  cultures in the world and the peace process. It would be very useful, and funny too.

When we have Avatars offering their physical presence into their places, we have this power. By directing people in their own cities we can explore and interact with local architecture, shops, museums and any other elements we like.


Just imagine to rent your Avatar in Venice and explore that romantic city with your loved one. You could just walk around the tight streets and plan for your next vacation.

Or you could periodically explore Paris. Prague, Rome, London and other cities to check for new arrivals into antiques shops.


What about having a monk in Hong Kong write down your problems on a piece of paper and burn it into the oldest temple of the city?

I wish I could explore the cities of the eastern countries like Riga, Kiev, St. Petersbourg, Mosque, Sofia and so on. I wish I could walk among the people, enter their pubs, visit the museums there.

And what about the USA? Walk into the streets of Manhattan as often as I like, enjoy the vibrant life in Las Vegas, participate to meetups in Silicon Valley and so on.

I can literally think about endless thins I would like to explore and interact with and with ubiatar they are within my grasp.


Also, for people willing to offer their services as Avatar, there are plenty of opportunities.


Just imagine to create some informations about the interesting touristic offers of your place, some pictures and some descriptions that you can publish on the ubiatar marketplace as well as the social networks like facebook, instagram, youtube and so on.

By just offering your physical preence for remote tourists from all over the world you can start earning significant money. All you have to do is walk, all the stuff you need is yourself and your smartphone.

It is really an honest and easy job opportunity for everybody!


It is impossible that there is nothing to see in your place! If you live in Rome or near the pyramids it is easier, but evn in the most remote and secluded place of the planet there could be something to show; could be some historical landmark, some strange animal, some peculiar show or just the people around you.

Start now your own small digital travel agency!



I can hear the objections from here: “it would not be like being there”, “You cannot eat into a restaurant”, “A real travel is better”.

A real travel is obviously always better!

But it is also much more expensive and time.consuming.

I love to taste the local cusine and sniff the peculiar smells of remote places.

But I also would like to visit much more places than it is physically possible and without spending ten times my budget.

So, I know that physical travel is better, BUT virtual travel is the only possibility if you want to go a little beyond your current limited travel experience.

After all, following a virtual visit, you can go physically if the place is really interesting…

who can stop you?



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