Ubiatar & sport cars

Ready for going to the track with your Avatar?

Are you passionate about sports car and do you want to try the experience of driving a Porsche, a Ferrari or a Lamborghini?
Now you can do it wherever you are through telepresence technology.
Easily from your home or your office link to UBIATAR.PLAY.IO, rent your professional pilot Avatar and experience the thrill of being in the car with him.
Drive every turn with him and live on line your ability to guide him.

How to do it? It’s simple!
The professional pilot (your Avatar) is already on the track, on board of his car. His smartphone is connected to internet and it’s well positioned for showing the course.
The smartphone will show him the orders you give from your home while he’s driving for you. You will hear the engine’s rumble, the wheels creaking on the asphalt and you will feel the excitement that a real pilot runs in the circuit.

You don’t need to own the car, you don’t have to spend time traveling for your passion because Avatar in the world will be there and will be available to give you this emotion.
If your expectations are confirmed at the end of the adventure, You will transfer the payment from your wallet.

A revolutionary experience just a few clicks from you.

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