read my lips: no installation

In corporate environments installing any software is a terrible hurdle. For a private user, not needing any installation is a nice feature and a time saver, but for somebody working in an [...]

ubiatar request inversion

The idea behind ubiatar is that of ‘telepresence’: direct another fellow human so that he/she is your Avatar in another place. Normally an Usar from home/office would pay the Avatar [...]

telepresence in embedded systems with ubiatar

Be everywhere, with a robot or another IOT (Internet Of Things) device, not only a human Avatar. Telepresence, as we intend it, is a service where you can see, hear and interact with people and [...]

Ubiatar & museums

The big skeleton was obviously the focus of all the children there. While I was orbiting around it, as requested by my Usar, I remembered how much dinosaurs where fascinating for me as a child. [...]