Ubiatar & museums

The big skeleton was obviously the focus of all the children there.

While I was orbiting around it, as requested by my Usar, I remembered how much dinosaurs where fascinating for me as a child. Well… still fascinating today that I am a grown-up man acting as an Avatar in the American Museum Of Natural History on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

The power of telepresence for visiting museums is obvious, with so many teachers in the world that could never bring their students to places like this in any other way.

Just imagine how many marvelous places could be visited by Usars, students or just curious people, directly from their home/office/school with the ubiatar technology!

There are museums that are too remote to be traveled to, especially by a group of students, and nonetheless their treasures would greatly enhance the minds and the lives of so many people.

Italy, with all the beauty and history that contains, could not be visited in just a week, and that is the maximum time allowed to just a few people that can afford the time and the cost of a travel to the country that holds half of mankind’s cultural treasures.

France has a host of small ‘cite fleurie’ (flowers towns) in the endless countryside, most of them with delicious small museums, but people that can afford the trip just see Paris, and just a small portion of it.
Even the famous Louvre is explored by visitors in a tiny fraction of its endless marvels.

When people go to London they have not enough time to fully visit the British Museum, where so many mind-blowing unique gems could be seen.

The same goes for the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.

And an endless number of other museums all over the world, where so many jewels of culture are on display, and you may never see them.

What a loss for mankind!

With an Avatar you could explore any museum in the world, any interesting place, any cultural gem; at your own pace.

Do you have just an hour of lunch time? Connect with an Avatar and enter into the Forbidden City in Beijing, where for centuries you would have been executed just for looking around.

Do you fancy something fun? Visit the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum in Osaka, Japan, to learn all about founder Momofuku Ando, and (perhaps best of all) make your own “fresh” cup of instant noodles.

Do you have a rainy afternoon?  Visit the Vatican Museums, otherwise known as “the rooms full of papally collected or commissioned art that you have to schlep through to get to the Sistine Chapel”– but in fact there is plenty to enjoy along the way, from classical statues such as the Laocoon, to Pinturicchio’s delightful Borgia Room frescoes.

There are so many things to see in so many places around the world, and now you have the technology that gives you the unique power to visit each of them, at your will.

The power to be everywhere.


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