ubiatar request inversion

The idea behind ubiatar is that of ‘telepresence’:
direct another fellow human so that he/she is your Avatar in another place. Normally an Usar from home/office would pay the Avatar for the service:

But there are a lot of applications where the direction of the request would be inverted:

The Avatar would pay the Usar TO BE DIRECTED from him/her.

Just imagine alla the cases where the Usar has a specific skill that the Avatar has not, but that he/she needs to accomplish some specific goal.

For instance, a person could want to cook a specific meal in her kitchen and a Usar that is a good cook would direct the person to do the job. The Usar would be the one paid and the Avatar would be the paying customer. Imagine an ad like “cook the perfect Amatriciana spaghetti into your very kitchen with the step-by-step direction of a real italian mama!”

It would be completely different from the experience of following a recipe, even a video one. If an Usar from home directs you, he/she uses the tools and ingredients that you have and can minutely direct you on each action and the duration of each procedure, using the visual appearance of the evolving product as a realtime feedback.

Another example could be the shopping experience where your Usar from Italy is paid to guide your own hands and eyes over the raw goods of the market.

The same thing could apply for a fashion expert that could help you while you go shopping and/or when you want to get the perfect attire with the things you have.

The make-up is another applications where a lady would love to have a professional work on her face with her hands and products available in her ‘budoir’ (a woman’s private sitting room or salon).

In many technical applications highly-skilled  technicians could direct other operators on the filed to solve complex problems.

Installation and maintenance crews could pay to have an expert guide them to solve complex and specific technical problems on the filed.

Prosumers could pay a premium to have experts help them during the installation and maintenance of sophisticated systems (or even very simple one, IKEA could raise millions just helping many customers in mounting simple furniture).

The applications are endless, just reverse the direction of the request and you can find many situations where the canonical ubiatar paradigm of Usar-directs-Avatar could be equally effective if inverted.

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