read my lips: no installation

In corporate environments installing any software is a terrible hurdle.

For a private user, not needing any installation is a nice feature and a time saver, but for somebody working in an enterprise environment it could be a life saver.

The ubiatar service can be accessed from a variety of platforms, each with its own advantages:

  • iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads can install the specific app on the Apple store.
  • Android devices can install the native app from the Google Play marketplace and also run the webapp directly from the internet page at (select ‘register’).
  • PCs running Windows, Linux or OSx can run the webapp from the internet page.
  • Embedded systems with Windows or Linux can run the webapp like regular PCs.

As you can see, the webapp is available, at least as an alternative option, on almost all platforms.

Webapp stands for ‘WEB APPlication’ and defines a type of software that executes inside a regular web page that in turn is viewed on a regular browser.

To launch the ubiatar webapp you can just visit the site and select ‘register’. From there you can create a new account or login with your existing one. After the login you can see that the ubiatar dashboard is opened and you can access all the features of the ubiatar telepresence platform.

The access to the page can be saved into a regular bookmark and the login can also be automated so that in embedded systems it automatically starts at power-on.

As you can see, this procedure does NOT require the installation of any additional software. All that is needed is the base operating system (like Windows) and a modern browser (like Chrome), nothing else.

Compared to other solutions that require the installation of a specific software or at least some plugins, this is a no-problem easy solution.

In many corporate environments there are strict limitations to the installation and running of new softwares; the ICT department usually does not allow these activities or requires a long and painful process to approve them.

In many cases, the required softwares and/or plugins are incompatible with the current versions of the operating systems and/or other platform components, so the installation is not only difficult, but completely impossible.

Even if a new software could eventually be installed, the problems usually do not end there.

A telepresence system requires high amount of data to be sent back and forth over the corporate network and usually requires ‘ports’ to be opened, proxies to be set and other LAN parameters to change.

This, again, is a thing that any ICT department would feel strongly against. No network manager likes to open ports, change settings and, in general, allow softwares to do new operations on the LAN, especially over the Internet connection.

ubiatar has an automatic routing system that checks the current network configuration and finds the correct path for the data without any need to change the settings.

This is extremely important to bring effective telepresence into corporate environments.

We made a lot of research and testing in real enterprise networks so that the users do not have to worry about the technicalities of the telepresence; they can just enjoy the huge benefits.

With ubiatar you can just point your browser to our site and be up and running in no time, without any problem with your ICT people.



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