ubiatar as a cultural movement for peace and understanding

“I always thought that italians were a people riddled with mafia and crime, singing all the time and not working, just eating and dancing in the sun…

then last year I went to Milan, Venice and Florence.

I discovered that in Milan they have no more sun than New York, people are hard workers and truly respectful of the law.

I did not see people singing all the time (even if they indeed are friendlier than elsewhere) while the food really is important for them.

I had a lot of prejudices, while now I have just some more good friends…”

This is a repeating pattern: you have some preconceptions, maybe even hate, for some people and cultures, then you meet them, just talk and explore… and everything changes.

Because people are the same. Everywhere, in every country, with every color. They do have differences, and those are the things worth exploring, but at the basic level we all desire love, fun, acceptance and interesting experiences.

The real problem in the world, the real generato of hatred and violence, is the inability of people to meet and understand each other.

There has been no time, not enough resources, to travel and experience other cultures, to talk with other people, to really see how and where they live, laugh and socialize.

On the other side, there are places and culture that are overrated. There are houses that make other people envious, just because they saw them in movies and tv shows. If you could walk in the streets of many famous cities, if you could stop and closely examine the real status of the walls, the very stuff they are made of, you would see that they are not all marble and shiny windows.

When you really immerse yourself in any place of the world and you are really free to explore around, then you can seriously understand. No documentary no fancy movie or TV show allows you to really experience the reality.

You have to walk among the real people, enter the do-it-yourself shops, the shopping malls, the places where they serve coffee, the garages where they fix their cars and so on.

But all this takes time and money, so the most of mankind never really understands the other ‘humans’.


One of the most important values of ubiatar is that of allowing people to understand each other.

And with the gift of understanding comes the joy of peace and love.

With ubiatar a large number of people will be able to explore other places, cultures and civilizations.

Richer people will give poorer people a simple job and in the process the two parties will better understand each other.

The dramatic reduction in time and cost will allow people to explore places they would never see in their lives otherwise. Smaller cities, hard-to-reach places, smaller museums, peculiar civilizations, all within reach of half an hour virtual tours with local Avatars.

Just to get some money, people will set up exploration tours in the most remote and exotic locations, places that would never dream to attract tourists by normal means.

This effect, the offering of any less known destination, maybe even some time with their families into their very homes, will be something really extraordinary.

Just imagine one day sitting in the desert with a berber family, the following one walking in the streets of Glasson, The Village of the Roses in Ireland, the next one entering into the stilted wooden houses, called ‘diaojiaolou’, of the Miao people of Fenghuang and so on…

So many cultures to explore, so many people to meet, so much work to do for the peace and understanding of all mankind


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