we are not in the business of telepresence, we transform lives

We always have the chance to make a difference; with ubiatar we want to arise passion and a sense of purpose.

The culture of the ubiatar organization, and the mindset of anybody acting on it, should always be that of human empowerment. We should always think about what we can do to enhance the lives of the people on the planet, getting an honest reward from that.

We want to have clients, not customers. This means that we want to give a ‘power’ to each and any specific and special human being, not sell an undifferentiated commodity to generic people.

We are going to interact and enhance people lives, instead of selling a service;
that is what we want to do with everybody we have the privilege to interact with.

Money is important, but it should not be our primary concern. If we really enhance the lives of the people, if we really care for them, their culture, their stories and their families, then we will be successful and rewards will flow spontaneously.

As an Avatar and an actor on the HumanEmpowermentNetwork, our marketplace, you are a creator of value, you are a talent contributor and operate at fare more elevated strata of connectivity, far beyond a simple market offer.

By creating new services for single humans as well as companies all over the world, we will create bonds and connections that enrich all the actors, not only us.

We do not ask “What do I have to say to make people buy?”
No, we ask: “how much value I have to offer? how much contribution I can add?”

To embrace this point of view, we need to first understand the needs of the people and the organizations we interact with. We have to study their problems and envision how their lives and their endeavours could benefit from our services and the powers we want to give them.

We have to talk in terms of power giving, of advantages, of positive transformation instead of technology, characteristics, services and money.

We surely create technology, digital innovation and large online services. But this is only the mean to a greater end. To a global human empowerment.

We want to tell to the people of the world:
“You deserve a better life and we can be the ones that give it to you”


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