This is Christmas for us

We have been hard working on the ubiatar project for two years now.

In this long journey we encountered many people, and a lot of them are now friends or active supporters, even partners;
we thank them all.

In these days we received the gift of a real, huge support from friends, big and small, to endeavour into the new year and present the project to the world;
we are beholden.

The meaning of Christmas for us is that of giving, of embracing new people and sharing the warmth of family.

There are already so many people that we do not know directly that are into our project and a lot more there will be. Our duty and our privilege will be to give them a better, more productive life and a new adventure into the enhancement of others.

We cannot think about a better thing to do for the love of the other fellow humans, and for the creation of joy and accomplishment.

People are sharing ideas about usages of the ubiatar technology; are engaging their friends and families into new projects; we all are immersed into a creative sense of joy and trust into the future.

It is really a time of happiness, excitement, shared work and innovation.

We are all so thankful for this state of mind and we are so happy that it is spreading at a growing rate.

So this is not the usual “merry X’mas and happy new year” message; it is a “thank you” and a “it has been and will be an honor and a privilege to work with you”

The ancient romans had a say that is perfect for the ubiatar project at this end of the year; it meant “to greater times” :

ad majora


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