ubiatar and Google glasses

Many people think that ubiatar would better be an AR (Augmented Reality) application running on devices like Google Glasses, worn by the Avatar and projecting a ‘virtual image’ [...]

ubiatar request inversion

The idea behind ubiatar is that of ‘telepresence’: direct another fellow human so that he/she is your Avatar in another place. Normally an Usar from home/office would pay the Avatar [...]

Ubiatar & museums

The big skeleton was obviously the focus of all the children there. While I was orbiting around it, as requested by my Usar, I remembered how much dinosaurs where fascinating for me as a child. [...]

Ubiatar & ecology

…the small frog jumped out of her pond, directly on the big green leave that was hanging on the clear waters. The frog, the plant and all the living things into the pond and the surrounding [...]

Ubiatar & sport cars

Ready for going to the track with your Avatar? Are you passionate about sports car and do you want to try the experience of driving a Porsche, a Ferrari or a Lamborghini? Now you can do it [...]

Ubiatar: the beginning

It was five o’clock in the morning in the Bay Area. No sign of the usual queues of cars over the crowded highways leading to San Francisco, far in the distance. I woke up with this idea [...]

Ubiatar: the next big thing

“…I tell you, watch it closely! My guts tell me it is the next big thing; probably one of the unicorns of next year.” I did not mean to eavesdrop, but when two of the most [...]