ubiatar industrial application

Let skills travel, not bodies. The ubiatar telepresence technology can be of immense help in reducing costs for industrial activities. In the specific field of industrial assistance, that covers [...]

Telepresence technologies

Be everywhere, the Ubiatar claim, is something seemingly already offered by many technological products. The base technologies for telepresence have been analyzed in another of our posts: [What [...]

What is telepresence?

Be everywhere, the Ubiatar claim, is not something so new. Since 1967 we saw characters of the Star trek universe teleporting almost instantaneously from place to place, often with spectacularly [...]

Paul uses Ubiatar to buy his car

A nice story, with a video about one of the many uses of Ubiatar technology. How Paul used the Ubiatar technology to select a car to buy, even if it was many miles away, saving time and money. [...]

Tecnologie di telepresenza

Il CEO di Ubiatar, Fulvio Dominici, durante un workshop a SMAU Milano esamina tutte le tecnologie di telepresenza ed evidenzia come si è arrivati al concetto di “Ubiquitous Avatar”

Seed founding raised

Ubiatar.com, the new startup for innovative telepresence, announces it has got a significant seed capital after our last Silicon Valley trip. These founds will be used for further development of [...]